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Impacting the world for Christ

Mark 16:15-18

Dr. James Ford

As the Pastor or Redwoods Family Worship Center, I would like to give you a little background of my life and ministry.

I was raised in a small, country town in central California. My friends consisted mostly of bikers and gang members; therefore, I grew up around drugs, violence and alcohol. I began drinking and doing drugs at the young age of eleven. This lifestyle continued until I was twenty-five. During this time I had moved to Oregon, where I had my first big encounter with the saving and delivering grace of God.

Over the years I had come to the realization that I needed help. I had become hooked on drugs and was a full-blown alcoholic. I was using drugs every day and putting whiskey in my coffee in the mornings. I even took alcohol to work with me in my lunch box.

I had tried to quit on my own several times and found myself getting the shakes and going into D.T. 's. Using drugs and alcohol every day, I felt my life slipping away. I knew that God was dealing with me as I sat in the bar for six to seven nights a week while my wife, who was saved five years before me; was home praying for me. I told her many times, while in a drunken stupor, to stop praying and interceding for me.

One night I found myself at an all night keg party where there was a large amount of drugs and alcohol. After 18 hours of heavy duty partying, I decided I needed to go home. I started walking down a dark country road being too drunk to drive. In desperation, I looked toward the sky and said, "God, if You are real." I wasn't even sure that God existed, but I knew that I was desperate for help. I said, if You can deliver me from the alcohol and drugs in y life, I will serve You for the rest of my life". I did not realized what God had planned for my life, but now I know that God did have a plan for me just as He has a plan for every person who reads this letter.

Suddenly, when I spoke those words, I felt something come over my body and something happened deep down inside of my. Not fully understanding what had happened, I began to walk off in shock. I now know that what I felt was Jesus accepting me, becoming Lord of my life and setting me free from addiction, drugs and alcohol.

Since that time, I have not touched one drop of alcohol or drugs and my ministry has taken off. Within months I began to preach and started seeing God do wonders and healings.

My wife and I moved into evangelistic ministry for about ten years and have been Pastors in Crescent City for the past 10 years. All along we have seen signs, wonders and healings. We have seen backs healed, deaf ears hear, lung healed, cancer healed and various other miracles as well as spiritual deliverance's just like the Bible says in Mark 16:15-18. But we believe that the greatest is yet before us.

I believe as a result of God delivering me from the evil lifestyle I was living He has chosen to empower me to minister the delivering grace from alcoholism, drug abuse, pornography and all other bond ages. We have seen great results praying for those bound in these areas. So therefore I am always excited about the opportunity to minister in the gifts.

If you have not yet received Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, I encourage you to allow Him into your life so He can also change your life in a miraculous way.